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So I took my first ride yesterday. it was a nice sunny day,but a bit cold, mostly caused by wind. I did around 40km. lots of spinning to work the legs.

First impression is the stiffness of the fork compared to the old one. it is much stiffer and i can feel it, especially lateral stiffness. When I get up on the pedals it is better. Also I find the steering much more precise and stable. It tracks very well, for example, before if i would take off my hands of the handle bar, the steering was looser. Now it stays straight. I took some fast long sweeper curves at around 60 km/h and it felt really precise and good feedback of the tire.
I would describe the ride as reactive and nimble.

The comfort is still good even on uneven surfaces and small bumps on the road. it soaks it up pretty well. the bigger cracks I can feel them more, but nothing unbearable.The roubaix fork was better on that regard. maybe because it is less stiff and maybe also those zertz do actually do something I don't know. The ritchey gives you a feeling of being more connected to the road which I don't dislike. I do get a bit more buzz on those kind of broken up pavement, but its nothing serious really.Could also be because i put a bit more pressure in my tires. even with the old fork i would get some buzz on broken up pavement sometimes. another thing is that my bar tape is thinner than before so i might feel more because of that too who knows.

Overall I really enjoyed the ride and the bike so its 2 thumbs up from me.
To bad my pump din't keep up with my legs lol also at this time of the year the roads are always bad especially here in Montreal. it improves as the season gets older.

by the way I received my ultimate scale and the bike weighted 16 lbs ready to ride. not so bad with heavy wheels and crank. as soon as I put the tune quick release and bottle cages it will go under 16.

happy riding

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Srexy said:
Do you have a build sheet?

here you go:

specialized carbon comp frameset 52cm.
Ritchey WCS carbon fork with no graphics
campagnolo record groupset
mavic ksyrium SL no stickers-shaved and polished machined section.
tune alcantara speedneedle seat
deda blackstick seatpost
deda 215 handle bar
ITM Millenium 100mm stem
Cinelli carbon bar tape
campy record headset
campy record alu polished crank
Michelin pro race 2 tires
speedplay x2 pedals
tacx tao bottle cages

to come:

tune quick release
tune bottle cages
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