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Over the winter I picked up a pair of Easton Circuits on closeout to replace my well ridden K elites. Given that I paid $200 for the Circuits i think they are pretty decent training wheels.

However, when cornering hard in crits I often felt like my rear tire was going flat. Turns out these wheels are rather flexy (can easily push rim into brake pad with hand). ps. I'm 5'8", 145 lbs.

Yesterday I threw on a new Mavic K ES rear wheel that I picked up on the bay a few weeks ago. Wow...what a difference (same tire, btw) compared to the Circuits.

After I got home from my ride I decided to do short test rides on the three rear wheels I had available (Easton Circuit, new K ES, old K elite) on a short course that allowed me to corner hard and then sprint for about 100m. Honestly, I couldn't tell the difference between the two Mavic wheels when cornering or sprinting, but I do think they are much stiffer than the Easton Circuit. All 3 wheels had fairly fresh (less than 300 mi) pro race 3 tires on them and were inflated equally. This wasn't done blind, so I can't rule out the placebo effect.

Just my experience
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