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Wow, that’s great! Thanks for the update! That CDN fee is crazy, sorry for that additional PIA.

So, the second time I gave up on PBK and cancelled my order... I ordered the product in mid May. After 3 weeks with no contact I emailed them. Nothing. I went back and checked my old emails. I sent a second email asking about cancelling my order and getting a refund. They DID reply to that. They said, basically, they don’t actually have items, they are basically just a web-site. When they get an order they buy it and have it shipped to the customer. They told me I was slated to get my order around middle October. This was the 2nd week of June. They also told me how to cancel my order, which I did and it was easy and I got refunded almost immediately.

My first order was a proprietary Scott seatpost that was not widely used even by Scott. In retrospect I think they couldn’t find one. Being a thinly veiled middleman supplier without actual products will cause this I guess. I did manage to find what I needed. I payed $150 for a freakin CF seatpost.

PBK may as well be Alibaba. They are OK unless you expect them to have products they advertise, or you expect your order to arrive in around 6 months.

If you are patient enough, I suspect they will come through eventually, at least 50% of the time IME.
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