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Dario Pegoretti stops by to talk to "Hollywood" about bicycles, food, and the internet dot com. (Dario Pegoretti joins us in parody interview. We told him we wanted an offbeat interview that showcased his personality.)

He rolled with the punches and we love this living legend even more than ever.

Dario is known for being one of the first of the European framebuilders to embrace lugless TIG welding to build premium bicycles. He credits Gino Milani for teaching him the science and art of frame building. Dario has worked with leading edge manudacturers in the past in the development of new materials and tubesets. He gained a strong following among professional riders and has built bikes for several elite teams. Today, you can find Dario working in his shop in a small mountain village located in the Italian Dolomites. He only builds a small number of fine bicycles by hand each year.