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Hello guys!

I am new to Road Bikes, never had one and I am thinking of getting one. I have only ridden a road bike once and I have certainly fell in love with it ( Viking Mistral Race- a friend's one from England ). I live in Romania ( Europe ) so there aren't plenty of choices here ( I know there are online stores but I want to see/ride the bike myself first). I can afford max 400-450 Euros. I have to mention I am 16 years old, fit, around 68kg, 180cm in height and aprox. 84cm from ground to crouch.
I can either get a road bike from Decathlon - Triban 3.
TRIBAN 3 - Sport road bikes - BTWIN
OR from a specialized shop that obviously recommended me their products:
Semi cursiera Sprint MONZA RACE ( sorry it is in Romanian but I'm sure you can understand by the parts)
a second hand Road bike from a friend in Italy that makes Carbon fibre bikes , it's an awesome dude...he disassembles the bikes, puts the pieces in bags, get in planes and then reassembles them and rides all around Europe. I hope he has some "Cheap" bikes too but still a SH.

What would you recommend? Also you may come up with other alternatives too :D Thanks a lot!
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