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Okay guys,

Instead of asking what frame to decide, I want to know your views about the following features to a frame. Take note that it is for a 58cm Ti frame:

1) Top tube: Some manufacturers specify 1.25" top tube diameters and others specify 1.5". I can't really see the advantage besides added weight. Will it add to the stiffness of the frame? What do you think?

2) Downtube: Is an aero downtube really necessary? It's a tossup between an aero downtube and a 1.5" downtube. I would think that the 1.5" downtube is plenty stiff already. What do you think?

3) Dropouts: I've just noticed that some manufacturer's are specifying breezer dropouts on their frames. What are the advantages to these dropouts? I have no clue.

Thanks for all advice.

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