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Here's my take

1. Larger diameter TT probably will be thinner-walled, stiffer, and perhaps lighter. Although, the lightness/stiffness may not be perceptible. A 1.5" diameter tube is seen as oversized and may look better at the junction of the TT/DT headtube junction.

2. An aero downtube may not be necessary given the intended use of the bike. I am not sure how much an aero downtube would actually help for the vast majority of us. Those doing tri's, where tenth's or hundreth's of seconds count, may have a greater need. A 1.5" downtube is typically seen as "oversized" and is plenty stiff for most of us.

3. I think the main advantage of the breezer dropout is time, which makes it more cost-effective for the builder to use. I think welding the stays to a breezer dropout takes less time than doing it the other way where more welding is involved. I have no idea whether a breezer dropout is actually stiffer than the other.

Given your questions, the best answer I can give you is one only you can answer. Which bike do you like better? Yes, I said "like." If you do not like the style of the bike, then your motivation to get out and ride could be influenced. I do not think I would not ride a bike I did not like as much as one I did.
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