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Edit: Originally posted in the wrong section:

Long story short; I fell in love with cycling last summer after buying a 2011 Trek 2.3. Got around 1,800 miles in after July 1 when I started (had to quit in October when it was getting below 30 degrees here in MN). Typical daily ride is 30-35 miles solo, averaging anywhere from 18.4-19ish mph. Longer rides were around 55-60 miles on weekends.

I like my bike, but I'm really hoping for the "next" step up; a carbon ride with a bit more comfort/performance. I've considered the Cervelo R3, and test rode a Roubaix, but the BB warranty issues on the R3 (and the nasty 2013 paint job) and the Roubaix left me wanting.

I'm looking to still use the bike as a daily training bike that can slog out miles comfortably, while maybe having the chance to get into some road races (and maybe even a crit or two if I'm feeling stupid, having never raced before). I'm a competitive guy (college athlete & all), and I feel that I'd really love the thrill of some sort of racing.

I want a bike that I can do all of the above on; ride comfortably for 50-60 mile rides, but also have enough performance that I can feel okay running them in longer road races (maybe a crit, but quite honestly, I've been pretty freaked out of crits after watching my first and only crit in person late last summer when 4 guys crashed and 2 broke their legs/arms literally 12-13 ft in front of me).

I can get last year's Madone 5.9 (Di2) for $3,600, or the '13 Domane 4.5 for $2,600. Has anyone been in similar shoes as me, and even if you haven't, based on what I want to do, what do you think would be the best option?

P.S. I know I "need to ride both and see," but my LBS only has one 5.9 left at the closeout price, and they're holding it for another day. The problem is there is literally snow on the ground here in MN, and it was -8 F w/a -25 F windchill yesterday, so I'm not going to get a chance to ride them both before having to make up my mind.
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