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Your best bet is eBay for replacement brake hoods, but if you find original Campy hoods, you WILL pay through the nose. Modolo Professional hoods fit, if I recall, but obviously they don't keep the bike original. There was a company by the name of "Ame" or something similar, I believe, that sold Campy replica hoods. You could search for them as well. You shouldn't buy replacement levers because you only need one, and you'll likely only find pairs for sale, and the price will here again, be absurd.

Replace the brake pads. They harden with age. Again, anything original Campy will be expensive. Mathauser made a red-colored brake shoe that fit Campy so if you find those on eBay, they would be a suitable substitute. Your other option is to replace the shoe and the holder. It will be much easier to source, just hold on to the Campy pad holders should you decide to sell the bike.

You can get replacement Cinelli Cork handlebar tape at your local shop or on eBay. Do a search for "Serotta" (yes; that's right) and you'll see some. That's where I got mine.

As long as the gearing is sufficient for your fitness, terrain, and objectives, I wouldn't change a thing. The chainrings look fine. Do not replace the chain because it wore as a unit with the cogs and the chainrings. If you change anything you'll have a headache trying to replace everything so the gears don't skip. Sure; remove and clean the drivetrain but don't swap out for new parts.

If you put new cables on the bike, keep that rear derailleur cable housing at the chainstay. That's the real Campy McCoy.

Those are tubular rims. Considering your riding plans and the fact you have Campy hubs with an older spec rear wheel width (120 or 126mm), your best bet is to have the hubs rebuilt with new rims. Avoid getting tubeless or tubeless-compatible rims. You just want a standard tube and tire rim. I'd recommend a Mavic rim but the company is having troubles now so finding Mavic rims for your build might be difficult. You may have to compromise here and choose another brand. Since weight was/is an issue with you, I'd suggest an off-center rear rim such as a Velocity A23 O/C or the DT Swiss RR411 or RR421. They build up with much more even left/right tension and stay true.

Pinarello used wet transfer decals and never bothered with a clear coat over them, which is why they always self-destructed. There are places that can fabricate and provide decals but I wouldn't bother unless you're going to restore the frame and put the decals under a clear coat which sounds like isn't your intention.

I would surf youtube for videos on how to polish that chrome to remove the rust, and perhaps spiff up the frame.
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