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Ok, I have been using a combination of ebay, craigslist and other discount bike sites to assemble the components for my first build attempt. (yes, I said "attempt")

Soon it will be time to build but I'd appreciate a sanity check on my parts and tools. All I have now are the parts (some new, some take offs with no cables, etc.) All shimano ultegra (6600) groupset and a used trek carbon frameset. Headset and forks already attached to frameset so no headset press. Wheels are new mavic aksium so no wheel building. (not that adventurous...yet)

I have tried using Zinn and the Art of Road Bike Maintenance as a guide but it is difficult to forumlate a shopping list of the misc. items I still need. Any help would be appreciated.

Which bike parts/accessories do I still need?

1. Grease for bottom bracket install, etc. Recommendations?
2. Brake Cables
3. Shift Cables
4. Bar Tape
5. What other cable accessories do I need?
6. Wipperman masterlink for chain install? (is this a bad idea?)
7. Do I need assembly paste?

Which tools do I need? (some I own already, buying some, borrowing some)

1. Chain whip
2. Crank Wrench?
3. Bottom Bracket tool
4. Alen wrenches
5. Cutter for cable and indexed housing
6. Pedal wrench
7. Phillips-head screwdriver
8. Pliers
9. Metric box-end wrenches
10. Needle-nosed pliers
11. Torque wrench
12. Adjustable wrench
13. Repair stand (not needed maybe, but I already own one)

I am sure I am missing some items and the chances of me not discovering some of them as I'm doing the build are slim but I am at least trying to minimize that as much as possible. Any help with my list would be helpful and might help others later on too.

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Have the right wrench for the bottom bracket.

Phil Wood waterproof (water resistent) grease is very good stuff.

Read up on parts and adjustments on Sheldon Brown's website. He's the best friend the hobby cyclist ever had.

The SRAM, KMC, or Wipperman chainlink is a very good idea. I think you'll find good reviews on any of these. I've used SRAM with a Shimano chain, no problems. Buy and extra or two.

Consider chain sizing carefully, lots of discussion on this forum. Your chain rings, chainstay lengh, and cassette cog sizing will play into how long a chain you will need. All of the Shimano instructions I've seen call for the big-big chain length method.

Good luck with it. Have fun.

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Another question:

Does anyone have a cable kit they prefer? (shift, brake or combined) I seem to find a bunch online but I can't tell which ones are better/worse than others. (Gore, Jagwire, etc.)

I saw a few reviewed but is there one in particular that you guys felt was a good combination of beginner friendly and reliable?
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