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  • hiya bike forum people i need help
    i have a lovely 1968 green viking bike which i decided to turn single speed after the gears mucked up to much, didn't fancy a fixy.

    Anyway i had quite a cheap stronglight crankset on there as i wasn't sure i would keep the bike, the pedals churned up the threads on the crank arms ( i know pretty unusual) and now i need a new one.

    so my question is i have a budget of £60 and i want to get the best crankset i can buy for that amount of money?

    i've looked around but cannot make a decision of what brand or even what type of metal to go for i've heard heard 7075 aluminium is good but i need some serious advice
    i need it to be 47t or 48t


Fred the Clydesdale
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I suggest a used Sugino crankset. You will need a compatible bottom bracket. I would be surprised if your viking is not an English BB, but to be sure, I would check here: Sheldon Brown's Bicycle Glossary Bo--Bz

If you want something new for under 60 pounds, Eighth Inch makes some decent stuff. I do not have one of their cranksets, but I do have one of their cogs and it is good quality.

Track Cranksets|Fixed Gear Frenzy

Aluminum is the way to go. You probably aught to replace your chain, too.
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