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Better path

elkym said:
My bike has a flat bar and v-brakes, and most of the carbon frames I've looked at don't have those v-brake bosses, so if I swapped frames, I would need to get a new brake set, too, but I probably won't have the money to finish the change over to drop bars and integrated shifter/brake levers (and probably a 10 speed setup) until next spring-- so until then, I need to make sure I have flat bar levers that work with caliper style brakes. You're thinking of me putting the v-brakes with drop bars-- where what I want is to put flat bars with calipers.
You are heading down a path that will be fraught with challenges, back tracking, blind alleys, and unecessary expense. It's easy to understand your desire to get onto a new frame as soon as possible, but you would be WAY ahead to just save your $$ until you can buy the bike you want. You will get better prices and an integrated package that actually works properly.
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