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Hi everyone, Im new here but was looking to get some advice. Currently I have a trek 1500 thats way to big and im looking to upgrade, and get the right size at the same time. The bike has decent components, ultegra shifters and rear, 105 everything else. So here are my 2 options.
1- Buy an almost new 2005 Specialized Tarmac Pro frame, and use the components on the trek, and upgrade the wheelset and spend under 1000.

2- Buy a new specialized with a sponsorship discount through my school team, wait a long time for it to come in, and spend around 2000, and maybe still need to upgrade the wheels

What are your opinions? Thanks for the help, like I said I'm new and dont really have a great idea of what to do, however, now I'm leaning towards option 1 to save some money.

Thanks again
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