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Try Shimano

I have wide feet and used to ride Northwave Evolutions which had a wide toe box. Unfortunately, out of production. Same for the Aeroter which also had a wide toe box. Sidi Mega's which are pretty nice and worked well. I switched over to Shimano R215E, E as in E width. Used version I and II. Have since bought R220E's. Extremely well made shoes. Not cheap but not crazy expensive.

I've heard a lot of good things about Specialised as it relates to wide shoes but I've never had a dealer nearby to try them on for fit. I also have a pair of Bont semi-customs. Really different and really expensive. That being said, I just bought a pair of standard Bont A1's on EBay for $130. Find what fits first and then shop around.

lacofdfireman said:
Thanks for the reply.. I have been doing alot of reserching here on the forum and just noticed that most of the posts I read about the Northwave's being wide were about 3 years old.. Read a few more recent posts that are saying that Northwaves are no longer wide in the toe box... So I guess it's back to the drawing board for me... My biggest problem is my size.. With me wearing a size 13 street shoe no cycling shop carries anything that will even remotely fit my feet.... I will have to mail order and hopefully find a dealer with a good return policy...

So what other brands should I look for that would have a wide toe box?
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