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Avid Mtn. biker looking to buy a road rig....that said, I am down to two frame choices...a Blue AC1 or a Spesh Tarmac Pro.....need wheel advice....

What do you guys think of the HED Jet 40 Clinchers? Is it a good all-around wheelset? I am down in Miami, so not a lot of climbing...speed would be the goal....

Any other wheelsets in the $1500 range I should be checking out?


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The Jet 40 is a wheelset for those who want to say they have carbon but don't actually care if the wheel is carbon or not. This wheelset has a carbon fairing that covers an aluminum rim. If you want aluminum, you would be much better off saving $500 and going with a Kinlin. This would be much stiffer and more durable.
However, with that said if you were willing to pay $500 more you could get an Edge rim with Alchemy hubs which would be leaps and bounds better than the HED. The rim would be much more durable and of much higher construction quality. Also it would be much stiffer. And to boot, Edge makes a 45mm deep dish.
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