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J's Haiku Shop said:
and i don't want to pay $35 each. somebody help me. the sickness continues.

at first glance (, the only 650c tires i can find are the mich pro race model, and having ridden them in 700c on eddy2, i'm sincerely displeased with the "resilience".

the tri bike is done, but is an abomination with blue/green axial pros (yes they were cheap). must satisfy the tri-geek anti-fashion police. priorities 1 and 2: ditch the tires for something in yellow. brighter = better. ditch the carbon cages for something in yellow (profile ekages, since they're kitchy and ugly, just right). :rolleyes:
J, you must be using the Chucks bikes special. I don't have a source for yellow and will probably be using the same tires since I'm building a Chucks Bike triathon special and trying to build it on the cheap.

Let's see a picture of the beast.
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