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I grew up in the NE Kingdom portion of VT and there is some great riding (road and mtb). On memorial day weekend I was out fishing in Bloomfield (about as far north and east as you can get in VT) and ran across a group of real friendly roadies. That area is beautiful and traffic is not an issue. If you were to ride on RT 114 from East Burke to Island Pond would be a nice little jaunt and you could continue onto RT 105 and go to Bloomfield, not sure on mileage though. The guys at East Burke Sports should be able to help you out. I went there for all my skiing stuff when I was younger and stopped there couple weeks ago when I forgot my presta valve adapter at home ( I now live in eastern CT), they've always been able to help and had good prices. You could also leave Lyndonville and ride RT 5 up to around Lake Willoughby, another great ride. Honestly you could ride just about anywhere in the NEK and have fairly low traffic and great views. Although one time of year I would recommend staying off of major RT's in the NEK is fall foliage season (late sept- mid oct) due to all the tourists. I'ld recommend by a map, pick some rides out and go. If you want you could run some of your routes by me and I could tell you of any unexpected things you may encounter. Hope this helps a little.

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