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Figured I'd share a few pics before I dismantle the steed, sell the frame, and slap the parts on a frame that better fits me. I got the frame on Ebay, sent it to the builder for a repaint ala mid-90's Festina kit colors, and built it up with more Ebay parts. My latest change was from threaded to threadless. It only took me three years to conclude the frame was too small. Toe overlap is a real problem making track stands an adventure. Here's the parts list
1984 Custom Alan Wanta Columbus SLX frame
Peter White built wheels using Ambrosio Excellence rims, Shimano 600 rear, and Ultegra front hubs
Rolly-Poly 28 mm tires. (four years and never a single flat, swear to God)
Noodle bars
Nitto UI50GX stem
Performance cf fork
1" Stronglight O'Light threadless headset
Shimano DA 9-speed downtube shifters mounted on Kelly Take-Offs
Cane Creek levers and 105 calipers, Kool Stop holders and pads
Suntour Cyclone cranks, TA 50/38 rings, SRAM 13-26 cassette
Look CX-7 pedals (somehow I managed to get three new pairs on ebay for a total of $350)
Ultegra rear derailleur, Suntour Superbe Pro front derailleur (one of my favorite finds, the black and gold matched the stem/headset/fork color scheme)
Rolls saddle (I still have several spares including a yellow one still in box)
Blackburn computer, Nitto computer/light/accessory mount
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