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Yes I know these are outdated wheels, but just wanted to put it out there. I purchase a set of these back in 2009 and put thousands of miles on them with no issues only a couple turns here and there to tighten spokes.

Last summer I was forced to replace them when I upgraded to an 11 speed setup and the rear hub free-body could only handle a 10 speed. I searched for a replacement hub to no luck and even speaking with John he assured me there was no free-body or hub on the market that would allow me to make the switch/transformation for this wheel, so I shelved the wheels until last weekend.

I was able to convert a shimano 11 speed cassette to a 10 speed and all works and shifts well... What I noticed and was impressed with... I took everything apart to clean out what I thought would be a build-up of years of dirt/debris and the lack of grease.

To my surprise the dirt I found would built up and around the outside of the hubs and seals, everything inside was still intact... no dirt and grease still intact as like it was never used, thick clear grease covered the bearings and walls of the hubs... WOW I was simply amazed... sorry for the boring story, but I thought it was amazing and worth giving John Neugent and his team the kudos they deserve in building a great set of long lasting wheel set.
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