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NEVER use Pro Bike Kit again

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If you live in the USA, No matter how good a deal, Please think twice before using PRO Bike KIt. Extremely slow delivery times, no tracking numbers. If that is not enough , when they miss the delivery date, they give the "Oh You live in the USA, those orders can be delayed a month". Check back with us then.
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I ordered two items from PBK. A bike case and an accessory for the case. The acc shipped in 4 days. No issue arrived. The case was delayed for a week, then said it shipped. I then looked at tracking and no record found. I notified them multiple times asking for help. Each time they said it had shipped, looking into it... escalating.. they would get back to me. After a month I gave up. I told them I was turning it over to the credit card company, they said not do to it give them 2 days and they would get back to me. I did.. no reply in 4 days. I cancelled with credit card. I could not cancel with them directly since there system still shows it shipped. This was a Christmas present so very disappointed with them. Never have given a poor review . I kept the accessory even though I can not use it. Too much trouble sending back a $30 item or even trying to get a refund. A real email or a call or something and I would have been happy. Just.. I am sorry and let us know if we can do anything else.. is not helpful.
DITO: I fell in the exact same trap. Ordered a bike travel case and here I am a month later, Christmas in a few days , and no gift for my wife. I did exactly as you did - sent several emails, got the same response, bogus excuses, fake tracking number, courteous emails as if they are working on it, but all lies. Warning to anyone who orders from them. Some people say they have no problem, but I wouldnt take a chance unless you really dont need the item.
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