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Last summer I purchased a 2012 Allez Apex Mid Compact, loved the bike and helped me change my lifestyle in a way I honestly couldn't have imagined. Over the course of 8 weeks I lost 45 pounds and set a pretty good schedule of riding 25 miles a day / 5 days a week while cutting almost all fast carbs and dairy. That fall I went through some life changing events and unfortunately had to sell the bike in order to pursue professional and other goals.

Two weeks ago, my fiancee (now wife) expressed to me her interest in cycling, I picked up a 2013 Ruby Elite from the LBS for a pretty good deal with some comp'd Speedplay Light Actions. I still kept looking for a bike on Craigslist expecting to find something decent, if not a little worse than my Allez.

Yesterday I ran into a guy selling a 2007 Tarmac Expert, not a lot of information was available on it, other than it being ridden very infrequently. I got to his house and looked at the bike, and it was (in my eyes) brand new. New enough to have a completely clean frame, rubber seam down the center of the tires along with the little rubber bristles, and a groupset that looks like it was brand new, even though its the last gen Ultegra / Dura Ace setup.

I am completely pleased with the entire bike and couldn't ask more. I am debating swapping out the Shimano R540-SL pedals for some speedplays, but other than that I am glad I found this bike for under $1k

New Giro Apeckx shoes will be here today, and I'm excited to try and get my wife into the sport. Any suggestions for helping and encouraging a new rider even though you have put in a lot of miles?

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