Second-generation Ventus II and Brezza nano aerobars launched

Olympic medal-winning Ventus gets new, lighter basebar, detail revisions; narrow Brezza nano aimed at triathletes looking for lightest, most aero front end for out-and-back courses; adds Shimano Di2 compatibility.

3T has completely revised its signature Ventus aerobar with a new basebar and a round of detail changes.

It's also offering a new, narrower Brezza nano, which is lighter and more aerodynamic than the Brezza II that equips 3T's sponsored team TT bikes. Both new bars accept Shimano Di2 controls.

At 730 g all-up, Ventus II is 15% lighter than the original, which in the hands of Fabian Cancellara and Gustav Larsson won respectively Gold and Silver in the Men's Time Trial at the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

Ventus was the first model 'the new 3T' launched, in late 2007, and with its thin, wide aerofoil basebar and tiny brake levers, was the most extreme TT bar ever seen. It was taken up by the CSC team for the 2008 season, when they won the Tour de France. Cancellara and Larsson took their team TT bikes on to Beijing to claim the first two steps on the podium in the time trial.

Ventus II has a new, lighter aerofoil-section basebar and several detailed changes for greater security and robustness.
Technical director Richard McAinsh commented: "My design team now has four more years experience under its belt. In that time we've produced Brezza, Aura, Mistral, and Zefiro for road bikes, and Scatto and Sphinx for the track. And we've spent a lot of time in the wind-tunnel. This new aerofoil basebar benefits from that experience.

"In addition, we've taken the opportunity to review every aspect of Ventus's construction and made revisions that address several shortcomings reported from the field. For example, the elbow-rest supports now fit into a recess on the top skin of the basebar so they can't skew out of true. We've also improved the handhold and grips, which in some conditions could slip on the handholds. Ventus II will be even more reliable now for the élite athletes who use it for competition.

"Brezza nano is intended for competitors who spend almost all their race in an aero tuck, as most triathletes do. They use the handholds to get started, settle into their aero position, and stay there until T2. They're not wrangling the bike, so they don't need the extra width. Shortening the bar to 30 cm cuts weight and reduces the bar's frontal area, which benefits aerodynamics."

Source: Vitamina C