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I have a Cateye EL-400, and it's a great little light. I clip it to my helmet for early morning commutes. When the sun starts coming up later though, I put a NiteRider TrailRat 2.0 on my bars. It's heavy, and it's a pain to recharge though. So, I was thinking about just putting a second EL-400 on the other side of my helmet-- Viking style.

But then I just found out that the EL-400 was discontinued. I've seen them on EBay for under $10, but then I read a review that the EL-450 is 4x as bright, at 400 Candlepower. Then I was looking on Cateye's website, and I saw that they are introducing a new model this year with 700 candlepower, and it looks like the new model has a different mount system.

Does anyone know where I can get this new 700 Candlepower model? Much appreciated.
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