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Good choices....

Both are high quality and great brands. the choice is do you want the flat tops or not?

I have owned the Kestrel EMS pro and SL and FSA K-Force bars. Both are excellent, but I prefer the flat tops of the FSA bars. BUT I don't like the "wing" feel on them So I went with another TOP QUALITY carbon maker in Zipp!

ZIPP B2 Contour Carbon Handlebar
26.0 or 31.8 available

Great fit, stiff and very compliant ride. Better ride qualities than any carbon bar I have used.
The flat tops are great without the wing thing from FSA.

If you decided on them, go to wise cycle buys for the best pricing.
William is great to deal with. When I don't carry an item, this is who I see.
They carry kestrel as well.
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