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Rocket_Noise said:
I ordered a Cannondale Synapse aluminum bike from my LBS over three weeks ago. They said it would take about 2 - 2.5 weeks. I called once, but no bike. Is this typical? Are the bike elves on vacation? As you can tell I am anxious to try it out.

Yes, it is typical. If Cannondale already has it ready to go in their warehouse, your shop will usually get it in less than 1 week. But if not, you'll have to wait until C'dale gets the bike made and ready to go. They do post a date on the dealer's order site when they expect bikes to be in stock that are not currently, but it's not always accurate. So it sounds like your bike was listed as being 2 weeks out from being in stock, which is why you were told 2-2.5 weeks, but it may actually be a little longer.

I know your frustration, though. I had to wait about 5 months for a bike once. But be patient, and you will have a sweet bike to ride.
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