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It's been known for a while.. Belmont has a web page for it with artist's rendering.

I think it will be a good bridge for the family types that tend to use the footpaths to cross Ralston, rather than the road. But it's too out of the way for most of us (I live in Redwood Shores and I doubt I'll ever use it, except once to check it out :)

The Ralston overpass is actually pretty safe and easy on a bike (on the road) - it has lights and no merge lane.

Holly, on the other hand, is a difficult intersection and I always hightail it over there as fast as I can to avoid problems (and be very visible). It's a bit more difficult when riding with my wife who can't go as fast.

Good news is that Holly is going to be redesigned the same as Ralston in the next couple of years (San Carlos project web page here)
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