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I'm a regular on MTBR, but this is my first post over here.

First some necessary background: I've been riding road bikes since the late 70s, mainly because my Dad is a road fanatic. He's very old school: Italian frames with Campag gear. Most of my riding has been offroad in recent years (actually, most of my riding is commuting, so on tarmac but using a MTB), but we always have a couple of big road rides per season for variety (say 100km). These range from flat tours to big mountains, so ideally I would want a compact gearset. No racing for me.

Because of my Dad's fanaticism, I've always had a road bike fitted with his high quality hand-me-downs. My current ride is a Cinelli from around 1994 (somewhat dated). One of the reasons I have ridden less on road is gear related - the gearing is a little high for big mountain days around here, and I have been loath to upgrade to compact gears on what is an outdated ride.

We're at dinner on Sunday night. Mrs SwissBuster exclaims that she wants to get a road bike this year for commuting and the odd weekend ride. My Dad says "That reminds me. I have some stuff you can have". Out of the basement he pulls out a complete set of 9 speed Campag Record (carbon) :D . He mentions he also has spare wheels I can have (no idea of details but they will be good!). I figure I am a frameset short of a new bling bike. Also, if we get the right frame for Mrs SwissBuster, she can use the Campag and wheels from my Cinelli.

So here's the dilema: what bike(s) to get? What would you buy?

Price is not really an object, but as I don't ride that often it would have to be something special to go high $. My usual style would be to go for good value for money, but I wouldn't normally be putting carbon Record on a bike either.

Mrs SwissBuster is 160 cm tall, so she would need a small frame which might be tricky. I'm a regular 170cm, so don't need to go custom.
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