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Hi guys!

I recently got into mountain biking a few months ago and really love it. It's crazy how much I've improved already.

Anyway, it made me realize how much I enjoy biking in general. I'd like to get a separate commuter bike now too. Not a racing bike where I'm all hunched over by any means, just something to get me to work and maybe around some paths with the girl every now and then. I want a separate bike so I'm not always fiddling with the air pressure in my mountain bike.

My mountain bike has disc brakes and I love the stopping power they provide, so I'd like a bike with those. I'd also want to keep it under $500, $600 tops, if possible. Does such a ride exist?

Oh, and I don't want to buy online. I'm definitely still a newbie and NEED the benefits of a lbs.

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There are many bikes to be had "out there" that fit your needs in your price range. Our LBS here has an '09 Giant Seek 1 on closeout for $599. Just check around out there!
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