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Hi everyone,

My club, Alamance Bicycle Club, is opening our annual spring century ride to the public. Called the Hunnerd 19 Hunnerd, it's a nice ride from Elon NC (located near Burlington, which is near Greensboro, which is near...etc.) to Virginia. Check out the link on our website for more details.

It's happening Sunday, April 9 (sorry for the late notice) and is cheap - only $15 - and three mileage options of 100 / 50 / 25. All routes SAG'ed. Homemade snacks available until they are gone!

The name? Well, when the ride turns north to Virginia, we follow Highway 119, and since it's a century, we call it the 119 Hundred. Or as we say it, the Hunnerd 19 Hunnerd, y'all !!

Check it out!!

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