Chain Spy 2 from Problem Solvers at Frostbike. © Cyclocross Magazine

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Want to make sure your race doesn't end with your chain off the bike while you frantically try to spin it back in place and watch racers roll past you? Enter the Chain Spy 2 from-the most apt name for a company-Problem Solvers. This new version will provide a good setup for single ring, which is becoming more popular-and we're willing to bet that next year will see even more single ring racers. While wide/narrow chainrings and clutch derailleurs may provide some security, this is simply another way to make sure the chain doesn't come off.

High direct mounts front derailleurs are often used on mountain bikes and fat bikes, but this new option also brings the Problem Solvers' Chain Spy 2 to cyclocross bikes with 34.9mm seat tubes, since the original Chain Spy only works with 31.8 and 28.6.

Updates for this year include a different mount to the Chain Spy released last year, and the new version will retail for $39, without the direct mount (which the Chain Spy will then attach to), which costs an extra $37. In total, the system will run $76, but if you find yourself craving a singlespeed or a single ring in the front, it could save you a whole lot of heartache.

Battery Mount from Problem Solvers at Frostbike, sans the rubber pad that holds the mount against the frame. © Cyclocross Magazine

The other innovation from Problem Solvers this year is the Battery Mount, which will allow you to mount a Di2 or EPS battery anywhere on your bike with zip ties. It retails for $29.99.

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