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wd-40 is pretty good, make sure you wipe it down after and re-lube with your favorite lube.

another way to clean the chain is some type of citrus degreaser.

Or you can use Prolink lube to clean and lube it at the same time to save you some time.

another favorite is Chain-L, but you need to clean the chain down first before applying this.

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Per the late, great Sheldon Brown. Just sayin.... said:
Factory Lube
  • New chains come pre-lubricated with a grease-type lubricant which has been installed at the factory. This is an excellent lubricant, and has been made to permeate all of the internal interstices in the chain.
  • This factory lube is superior to any lube that you can apply after the fact.
  • Some people make the bad mistake of deliberately removing this superior lubricant. Don't do this!
  • The factory lubricant all by itself is usually good for several hundred miles of service if the bike is not ridden in wet or dusty conditions. It is best not to apply any sort of lube to a new chain until it is clearly needed, because any wet lube you can apply will dilute the factory lube.
After that wears off then Home Brew all the way !!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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