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Saw this earlier today. Looks like there will be a Pelotonia-like ride in the Cleveland area next year. Definitely a good opportunity, and judging by the size/support of the Clinic team in Pedal to the Point and Pan-Ohio Hope, should be a good turnout and promotion.

Cleveland Clinic receives $1 million gift to stage cycling event benefiting cancer research
11:46 am, May 14, 2013
Stewart A. Kohl, co-CEO of private equity firm The Riverside Co. in Cleveland, and his wife Donna have given the Cleveland Clinic $1 million to establish an annual cycling event to benefit cancer research.

The event has been dubbed VeloSano, which is derived from the Latin words meaning “swift” and “cure.” The inaugural VeloSano ride is slated for July 19-20, 2014.

“This type of cycling event creates a remarkable sense of shared purpose and engagement,” said Mr. Kohl, also a Cleveland Clinic trustee, in a news release. “Everyone knows someone affected by cancer and it is empowering to take action together. Donna and I expect our seed gift to yield a very high return by creating an annuity stream of funding for innovative, cutting-edge cancer research that saves lives.”

The ride is modeled after Peletonia and the Pan-Mass Challenge, two successful cycling events that have raised millions for cancer research. The Kohls have participated in the Pan-Mass Challenge for 16 years.

“We are incredibly grateful to Stewart and Donna Kohl for this generous gift,” said Dr. Brian J. Bolwell, chairman of Cleveland Clinic's Taussig Cancer Institute, in the release. “Funds raised by VeloSano and its riders will help our physicians and researchers generate discoveries and explore novel therapies for treating cancer.”

All the funds raised through VeloSano and its riders will benefit cancer research at the Cleveland Clinic.
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