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I received the frame and fork that I had Doug build for me so put the bike together last night. Sadly, I have to be out of town next two days, but will get to ride it on the weekend.

Curtlo CX frame and custom steel fork. Centaur 10 derailleurs, crankset and shifters, Shimano Cantilever brakes, Ritchey Pro or WCS stem, seat post and handlebars. Regal saddle.

The picture has Michelin tires which I took off and put the Campo Cross tires on, mounted on Mavic MA3 rims, 36 spoke , 3cross with Ultegra Hubs and an American Classic 10 speed cassette.

I like the bike a lot so far. Cannot figure out why they quit making those Campo Cross tires!!

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Very nice--she has elegant lines. I noted his new headtube badge. Has he changed his downtube decals as well. Granted, those are very minor points, but aesthetics count.

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A real beauty. I also have a Curtlo, an S3 road bike. The way he joins the tubes is just impeccable, yes? Two questions:

1. How long did it take? (Mine took approx. five months. Yes, months.)
2. Did you request no decal on the downtube? I have one, and it is fugly.

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Thank you all for the comments. I was surprised by the new headtube badge, and agreed, I like it.

I requested the bike without downtube decals and Doug was happy , I think, to comply. I like the look without the decals.

I have two other bikes that are shades of Orange and like it so that is what I asked for, the other colour is called Misty Kranberry by Doug's painter. I described it to Doug as "Root Beer meets Grape Soda", I think it goes well with the Orange and has a metallic flake which is pretty.

TS - from the time I place my order was six months, from the time Doug strated on this frame was about 1 month. I have to recognize that I placed my deposit before Christmas holidays and all the various bike expos, Interbike, etc. I am happy with the result and yes, I asked for no downtube decals since I agree with your view.

High praise to have Terry say it came out nicely, thank you.

FBB - I will try to take some pics when I get home tomorrow and put them up, I am not the best close in picture taker but I agree with TS - I think the welds are impeccable.

I despaired a bit during the wait - but very happy with it now.

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Very nice bike. One of the best I've seen in a while.

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PSV - thanks very much. I am very happy with it.

BSDC - thank you.

Yes - A Centaur Compact Crank. Right now it is 50/34 and I will ride that for a while to see if it has what I want, for where I like to ride. I don't think the "cyclocross cranks" that are being sold give me anything the Compact won't and I like the look of the Campy bits and bobs.

I now have 70 miles on it, was out this morning just putzing around on all sorts of different terrain, got stopped three times by people asking about the bike. Kind of surprised me I must say.

Every time I ride on those Campo Cross tires I am reminded how much I like them, I just cannot understand why they have quit making them!!

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Some pictures of the welds, I don't know how well they will come out. If you PM me an email addy I can send you some bigger shots taken in daylight when the sun comes out.

As Team_sheepshead said, I think the joints are close to perfect.


Sorry - I didn't realize how blurry some of those came out!!

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jh_on_the_cape said:
they are 'micro brazed', not welded. how can you tell he did good job mitering?
Brazed, welded, whatever. It looked like a bead to me, but the photos were a bit fuzzy. "Micro-brazing" suggests he does not have a lot of brass left over to sand off when he is finished, so maybe I was looking at neatly-lined-up brass puddles which resembled a TIG bead. I suppose better resolution photos might help after all, but not as much as seeing a frame in person.

I did not see any signs of lumps or bumps from the tubing at the joints. This suggests that they go together smoothly, with no large protruberances from the tubes, which in turn suggests that he does a good job of precision mitering on a mill or lathe. I've heard of other builders who cut their tubes with beefy tin snips! The joints do not come out nearly as smoothly, I would imagine.


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Looks very nice. I've been looking into either a Curtlo, Gunnar, or Strong (road bike) lately and pictures of Curtlos have been hard to find. Although Doug did send me a few.

Thanks for posting. Please post a review when you've ridden it some.

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I have just over 100 miles on it so far and really like this bike.

Did I say, I really like this bike?

I will let you know more when I ride more, funny your comment about pictures.

I looked around begging and pleading for Curtlo pictures before I ordered and came up virtually empty.

Someone on another forum responded with "what's a Curtlo?"

I suggested to Doug that he needs to put an owner's gallery on his website so that people can get their greedy mitts on some pictures.

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Nice one Jim. I just saw your thread this morning. Really like the orange colour. BTW, why cantilever?
Cheers, Wayne
ps. Ward kicked butt against the Habs :(
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