Giordana Collections

Giordana has several new designs and innovations for their 2017 collection including the G-Shield line for winter riding.​

Giordana: New Italian factory, new custom program, and carbon fiber in clothing

Giordana is one of the oldest names in cycling apparel. But just because they are well established doesn't mean they aren't big on new technology. They have recently expanded with their own new factory in Montecchio, Italy (in the Veneto region, not far from Vicenza where the Campagnolo factory exists). We chatted with the namesake of Giordana, Giordana Andretta-Walker - the National Sales Director who explains, "It's a region that is rich in manufacturing, especially in textile manufacturing… People ask us, why Italy? It's because we have access to the finest textiles and we have decades of high quality craftsmanship. Decades of craftsmen, artisans, designers and sewers."

Having their own factory provides them with direct, hands-on input into each garment. With product testing done by racers from the Astana and Orica-Scott Pro Tour teams, Giordana apparel is developed at the very highest level. But you don't have to be an elite athlete to qualify. The very same apparel is available to consumers and the company knows that today's buyers are extremely price sensitive. So they strive to provide the best quality at a fair price. Giordana is also environmentally sensitive when it comes to the materials they use and their designs are "built to the highest standards" to last.

The Giordana motto is "Tradition in Motion" which Andretta-Walker explains, "It means we stay true to our heritage, but still be competitive with more "fast fashion" companies (that are) popping up all over the place."

Giordana Detail Custom

Giordana's custom program can provide professional design work at no extra cost and the level of detail is quite extensive as can be seen by the intricate patterns and the two color stitching.​

Giordana has also made some new changes to their custom program in an effort to differentiate themselves from the competition. How? First off, they seek to provide great customer service, with a US-based office in Charlotte, NC to be sure they are accessible and timely. They also have a custom in-house designer with over 15 years of experience that clients can work with at no additional charge. The designer is easy to work with and can transfer the design that may just be an idea, and she can put it on paper. Giordana also maintains a low minimum of ten pieces per garment. So if you are a small club or team, you can order 9 men's jerseys and 1 women's jersey to qualify. Additionally, Giordana provides soft samples of all their garments available at no charge for sizing purposes. They do require that the client share shipping costs. The customer pays for shipping to them and Giordana includes the prepaid return shipping label once sizing has been completed. Lastly, they provide an online order management tool to make it as easy as possible for team riders or club members can logon and place their order and pay for it individually. Giordana stresses that the custom market is a huge part of their business and that segment is growing rapidly.

Forma Red Carbon

Giordana's FR-C line stands for FormaRed Carbon and the apparel uses actual carbon fibers for durability, comfort and ion dispersion.​

Giordana's FR-C Pro collection is the ultimate line made from the best materials and construction. It was developed with the help of Astana and Orica-Scott racers as such, the fit is racer tight with no flapping and a bit of a compression fit. The jerseys have locking zips and reflective highlights and the shorts have silicone leg grippers and two-way stretch straps that provide extra comfort and security.

It should be noted that the FR-C line is thus named for the FormaRed Carbon material that is used. This includes actual carbon fibers in the fabric to help make the apparel durable and comfortable, but there is also another reason. The carbon allows for better dispersion of negative ions resulting in less fatigue and more energy conserved by the rider. Giordana claims that studies have been done researching this subject, we did not ask for specific sources but we find the information intriguing. The FR-C Pro line is available for custom orders as well.

The G-Shield Pro line is designed for cold and wet weather conditions so it has a fleece-like interior with a treated outer layer that helps prevent the absorption of outside water (mist, rain) but yet allows the fabric to breathe. There are also reflective highlights on the jerseys rear bottom and the shorts leg bands.

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ALÉ R-EV1 and P-RR

The R-EV1 and the P-RR represent the top of the line from ALÉ.​

ALÉ Bike Wear: Italian crafted high performance apparel

ALÉ is an Italian apparel brand that has established a US base in Florida. They are run in the US by a company called FZ Import and Distribution Corp. which is an American company owned by the Diamant Group. FZ Import distributes all products made by Diamant including Alé bike wear, Cipollini bikes and DMT shoes. At Road Press Camp we met with ex-pro racer Pietro Caucchioli who is representing ALÉ in the US. They make men's and women's cycling apparel including jerseys, shorts, bibs, jackets, skinsuits, base layers, warmers, gloves, socks, caps and more.

The R-EV1 is the newest jersey from ALÉ and like most of their high performance products, it features a very aero race fit with little to get in the way of your KOM chasing. The sleeve features a secure fit and the jersey has a new bio ceramic material on the back to protect from UVA-UVB rays and works as an active barrier to help keep the rider fresh and to keep their body temperature ideal. The R-EV1 is available now in seven sizes (XS, S, MD, LG, XL, XLL, 3XL) and two colors (yellow-fluo and blue) with a retail price of $155.

ALÉ Tropical Jersey

The P-RR remains a staple in the ALÉ collection with several graphic options available. The Flowers design shown here is new for 2017 and has a retail price of $150.​

The PR-R remains in the line and offers an more ergonomic fit than the ultra-race cut R-EV1. The PR-R has superlight weight material for maximum comfort. The bottom of the sleeve and the bottom of the hem incorporate what ALÉ calls their "J Stability System" for a secure fit. This is a summer time jersey with micro perforated Lycra in the front and shoulder and like Giordana, ALÉ uses a carbon fabric in the side panels and back of the jersey. The PR-R is available in many graphics, shown here is the new for 2017 Flower design that is available now in six sizes (S, MD, LG, XL, XLL, 3XL) and two colors (gray and white) with a retail price of $150. All of ALÉ's bike wear collection items can be ordered directly from their website.

Custom orders are also a big part of ALÉ's market and they offer an online six step process to help with the designing and ordering process. If your local shop or club is looking for high performance, Italian crafted garments, ALÉ should not be overlooked.

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