Panache Chapman Rowdy

From the Rowdy Collection, Panache's Chapman Henley and Rowdy Shell Short have casual styles that don't skimp on performance.​

Panache: Custom, semi-custom, rowdy and cycling suspenders

Panache Cyclewear is a Boulder, CO, based company that has been around since 2008 and the company was launched on custom clothing. When we asked about the breakdown of their business they replied that the split is right down the middle, 50% are custom orders and 50% are off-the-rack purchases. They can do 10 pieces or 500 pieces depending upon the customer's needs. Currently the turnaround time for a custom order is 4 to 5 weeks, but this will be streamlined in the very near future down to 2 to 3 weeks. There is a $1500 minimum spend.

As a sort of "middle ground" between full custom and off-the-rack designs, Panache has a new program that they are calling their Small Batch Collection. This means they will have fresh designs monthly, with limited quantities. Small in this case, means between 50 to 200 pieces.

Also launched recently is the Rowdy Collection. These items are targeted towards the gravel or dirt rider, but they like to stress that "it's not about the surface, it's about the state of mind". Some of the highlighted garments from the Rowdy Collection are the Chapman Henley and the Rowdy Shell Short and the VTR Bib Short. These clothing are more loose fitting with a more mountain biker type feel to them. The VTR bib short is named for Variable Terrain Riding and features a unique suspender style to it.

Panache VTR Bib Short

The VTR (Variable Terrain Riding) bib shorts just might be the first pair of cycling suspenders we've seen.​

Besides jerseys and shorts, Panache also makes t-shirts, socks, jackets, warmers, caps and vests. They have a forth coming Artist Series as well, that will feature the work of various artists in a limited run. The current guest artists are called the Handlebar Mustache series and is available for pre-order. Check the Panache website for more details.

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assos SS.RallyTrekkingJersey

The Rally Trekking Jersey has a mesh back and mesh shoulders to allow maximum airflow.​

Assos: Gravel or dirt, the Rally series offers some unique features and designs

Founded in 1976, Assos is a Swiss brand that has a long history of high quality, albeit pricey cycling apparel. Their high performance race styles are well know, so at the recent PressCamp event, we decided to focus a bit more on Assos's gravel side. We take a closer look at their off road designs including the Rally Trekking jersey, the Rally Cargo baggy shorts and the T.Rally bib shorts.

Designed for the mountain biker, the Rally series might also appeal to the hardcore gravel rider. The Rally Trekking jersey (full model name is the SS.RallyTrekkingJersey_EV07) is meant to be used with a base layer and it features a unique 3-D mesh construction on the back panel and shoulders to allow maximum ventilation in hot summer months and to help keep things cooler for hydration pack wearers. The base layer will help with sun protection. The Rally Trekking Jersey is available in black, black with green highlights and black with red highlights. This jersey comes in seven sizes (XS, S,M, L, XL, XLG, TIR) and is available now with a retail price of $299.


The Rally Cargo baggy shorts have side zippers for fit adjustment along your hips and also to dial in how snug or baggy the bottom of the legs are.​

The Rally Cargo shorts (full model name is the H.RALLYCARGOSHORTS_S7) is a baggy style short that has one zippered front pocked and a unique side zipper design to adjust the fit from both the bottom cuff of the short as well as from the hip area. The Rally Cargo shorts do not come with a chamois and they can be used with bib shorts. Like the Rally Trekking jersey, these shorts come in three colors: black, black with green highlights and black with red highlights. The Rally Cargo shorts come in seven sizes (XS, S,M, L, XL, XLG, TIR) and are available now with a retail price of $209.


The Rally Bib shorts from Assos feature built-in hip pads that are removable and also a place to stash your glasses.​

Last up, the Rally Bib shorts (full model name is the T.RALLYSHORTS_S7) is a bib short that can be used under your favorite pair of baggies or they can be used as the outer layer. These bib shorts are unique in that they have built in impact padding in the hip area. The pads are made from viscoelastic polyurethane foam and they are 8mm thick. They are designed to be sturdy and protective, but light and flexible as well. They are not designed to replace full on downhill pads, but they can help with the unplanned get offs that can occur when riding dirt, gravel or otherwise uneven terrain. If you don't need the pads, they are easily removable. Like the Rally Cargo, these shorts are available in seven sizes, but only one color (black). The retail price is $319.

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