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fuch said:
shimano claims (backed up by some cycling mags) that their new DA brakes are 30% stronger than the previous models. does anyone know if this is due to the brakes themselves, or is it the leverage at the levers, or both?

i am considering the new DA brakes (need more stopping power) but do not want to change my levers as well. its only worthwhile if they will work as well on 105 sti's. any advice? thanks in advance - fooch

I bought just the front 7800 caliper as that's where the extra stopping power is alleged to be. Installed it on my bike with 4year old Dura Ace 9 speed group. Seems like it stops better, but it isn't a dramatic difference. Any way I can test is seat of the pants and totally subjective. Try Kool Stop pads first.
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