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"Built" my first road bike this week. My previous (1st) bike was a 2005 Specialized Allez aluminum boat anchor. After 9 months of riding, and a nearly 2500 miles, it was time for an upgrade.

Built as follows:
Frame/fork: Element 6
Headset/compressor: FSA
Wheels: Bonty Race Lites (used from my previous bike)
Rival shifters/brakes/der
Force BB30
Ultregra chain and 11-23 cassette
Time IClics
3T Carbon post/40cm handlebar
3T Alum stem (used from my previous bike)
Selle SLR Saddle
Jagwire Racer cable set
Deda tape
N-gear jump stop
Victoria Rubinos (used from my previous bike)

Came in at 16.2ish on my cheap fish scale, but I'll get down to a LBS for a better scale to check it on. Not full on weight weenish (yet) due to the heavish wheels and Rival components.

Compared to my previous bike, it climbs like a raped ape. A little twitchier, but definately more responsive...took a few miles to get used to it.

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Nice build, I like the color combo!! :thumbsup:

Even if your scale is off by 1/2 lb., it built up into a pretty light bike. Make sense that it's a climber.

You put a fair amount of effort into getting this done. Enjoy and ride safe!
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