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This is what I have been doing for the last 3 years...

I got tired of the gym since i was only using it for weights, lightweights at that, and I had a trainer at home....

So my wife and I both cancelled our memberships and started working out at home. We bought an exercise ball, a couple fit disks and some dumbells. We already both had trainers for the bikes so that wasn't a problem. We have now added a chin-up bar to round out the workouts.

We find that we are able to keep fit over the winter and focus more on cycling specific! Last winter we started working with a coach and actually made some gains over the winter and are actually looking forward to this winter!

Like the poster above stated, gyms are good if you are trying to build bulk and/or need the motivation to workout. As cyclists bulk is not soemthing we want, so if you can motivate yourself the home gym based workout is perfect.
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