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manymiles said:
P90x may be a good fit for you, not as motivational as a personel trainer but for home workouts on a budget you cant go wrong. These are hard core workouts that will bring your fitness up a few levels, I have done the workouts the past 2 off seasons with great results loosing weight, building strength and muscle. The workouts combine cardio,pilates,yoga,plyometrics,martial arts,strength and core workouts. The different workouts keep it interesting, and the intensity and difficulty keep it challenging. I use stretch cords because they are convient and cheap, I dont need freeweights to get a good workout, most of the moves are bodyweight anyway,pushups,chairdips,pullups,etc.

I gotta agree with the P90X routine. I began on this 3 weeks ago. Its really the ideal plan for a cyclist. Im coming off injuries, and getting older, so I needed something to help stabilize
and balance my body. Cycling is great, but it does create imbalances. Ive been doing the P90X and Im riding about 120 miles a week. I do the stretching and core symetrics the most. But I can say that the leg workout is quite tough. As winter aproach's Ill add more of the workouts into my routine. :thumbsup:
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