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I've really gotten burned out of health clubs and gyms the past twelve months. With summer here I haven't been to mine in two or three months. Winter approaches though and I figure I have about ten weeks of rideable weather left.

So am wondering how effective a home based workout can be. The basement has space for the bike and trainer. A mat and the excercise ball also fits. I can probably rig a chin up bar somewhere, too. I'd rather not go to the expense of buying a Bowflex type thing or a full blown set of barbells and bench as I'll probably be tired of the basement by Spring.

So how effective is a "minimalist" home workout area for you? Can you do anything effective beyond some Pilates type moves without investing in lots of equipment?

I'm 46 and understand I'll never look like Swarzenneger, but want to minimize losing what I've gained the past summer.

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