Felt Bicycles announced the release of their new tablet app yesterday. The new app, available exclusively through the Apple Store and only for the iPad is designed to provide consumers with enhanced insights into Felt products, culture, and news.

Felt's new app will supplement the existing website, product videos, and consumer catalogs that are already available with a new medium that will be convenient for consumers and dealers alike. An instant window to detailed and current component specifications, bike sizes, geometry and other valuable information. The app will also provide more dynamic communication and interaction between Felt, it's dealers, and consumers.

"This app is a living look inside what makes Felt products great." commented Bryan Melton, Felt Sales Manager. "It's another step to serve our customers with faster and better access to Felt information."

"Like Felt products themselves, the App is adaptive and dynamic, always moving forward to employ the best technology available and provide current insights into our products, engineering, culture, and brand." says Skyler Wallace, Brand Marketing Manager for Felt Bicycles. "Above all, it is a resource for all Felt customers."

Available for free through Apple's App Store for iPads, a smart phone version for borth iPhone and Droid users is in the works.