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So like everyone else on this forum I have my sights set on a caad 9 5. Beautiful bike, I cant wait.
Word on the street is the fork is a bit of a heffa at around 500grams. If any of you owners are able to lob the forks off and throw them on the scales for me, it would be much appreciated.
So, being a cost concious buyer, I am looking at a cheap fork which will hopefully not detract in performance (flex/feel). The hasa forks off ebay actually look quite good, have been recommended by a few, and are around 330 grams.
Not to mention theyre cheap as anything....
Are there any other forks you could recommend me? Probably looking around the 200 usd range.
Finally is it worth me swapping out the forks at all? (I will paint whichever ones I buy to match colourwise btw)

Apologies if this has been answered elsewhere but I did have a quick search.
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