Kryptonite will introduce a new integrated security chain in their 2013 line called the Evolution Series 4 mini chain collapsible U-Lock. The collapsible U-Lock gives you the flexibility of a cable, but boast the same security you'd expect from a U-Lock. Available as a 55cm chain, the collapsible U-lock will allow users to be creative with their lockup, with the convenience of being able to break down into a smaller footprint. Allowing you to store it easily in your messenger bag or even back pocket.

Kryptonite will also be offering a version of their mini chain collapsible U-lock in their KryptoLok Series 2 line. Again in a one piece 55 cm chain, with the same security rating and anti-theft protection as their traditional U-lock. Both the Evolution 4 and KryptoLok Series 2 collapsible chain U-locks should ship early this fall - just in time for back to school.

Also new for Kryptonite is their Transit H-Bar Carrier handlebar mount. Part of their new Transit Series, the H-Bar gives riders more convenient ways to transport locks. Moving the U-lock away from your pedal stroke and onto the handlebar should make carrying your U-lock less of a hassle. The H-Bar Carrier shown below with the Fahgettaboudit, the H-Bar Carrier will be compatible with most all of Kryptonite's U-locks.

Lastly Kryptonite is celebrating their 40th anniversary this year. To commemorate the occasion, Krptonite is offering a special limited edition Ruby Red Mini 5 U-lock. The limited edition Mini 5 features a Ruby Red crossbar, an exclusive full black Chrome finish, and a clear dust cover. Available now at Kryptonite dealers, the special 40th anniversary U-lock is very limited and when supplies run out, the're gone

Daryl Slater from Kryptonite shows us their latest innovations...