Boulder, CO - CatEye Bicycle Electronics, pioneer in cutting edge cycling technology, introduces Hyper-Constant, Omni Directional and Auto light technology to lights at varying price points of their Safety and Headlight line up.

CatEye Hyper-Constant Technology is a true first among the cycling industry. LEDs maintain a solid beam while simultaneously flashing, allowing cyclists to "See And Be Seen". The Nano Shot Plus will be the first product to showcase Hyper-Constant and is USB rechargeable and fires up 2 super-bright LEDs for 600 lumen output.

CatEye Omni Directional Technology provides nearly 360° visibility for increased safety. By adding prisms to the lens, the light is directed out through the sides as well as the front, making the multiple flashing LEDs visible from a much wider angle. Omni Technology is available in two options: Omni 5 with 5 LEDs and Omni 3 with 3 LEDs.

CatEye Auto Technology is a new paradigm for cycling safety. CatEye lights that implement the technology will turn on automatically when motion and darkness are detected by the motion and light sensors. The light also turns off when not in use for more than 45 seconds, making this an ideal product for commuters and young cyclists. CatEye lights with Auto technology include Reflex Auto (front and rear), Jido headlight and Blitz Auto tail light. Check out the Auto technology video here.


Cateye Pricing
Nano Shot Plus MSRP: $120
Omni 5 (front) MSRP: $17
Omni 5 (rear) MSRP: $15
Omni 3 (front) MSRP: $12
Omni 3 (rear) MSRP: $10
Jido MSRP: $30
Blitz Auto MSRP: $25
Reflex Auto (front) MSRP: $33
Reflex Auto (rear) MSRP: $30

About CatEye:
Founded in Osaka, Japan in 1946, CatEye has lead the way in the design and manufacturing of innovative, high-tech cycling computers, lights and reflectors. CatEye is committed to health, safety and the environment. CatEye promotes bicycle commuting, a sustainable lifestyle and care for the environment.

Source: Liz Weiss