The brand new Polar RCX5 offers the first dual frequency chest strap ever, allowing the watch to pick up heart rate while swimming, and still use WIND anti-interference technology in the bike and run. This watch was just released and looks to be Polar's biggest triathlon product release ever.

The new Polar RCX5 is the biggest triathlon and multi-sport Polar heart rate monitor release ever. For runners, cyclists, or swimmers this watch has some new school fitness tools and capabilities to make data measurement better than ever before.


Four New Versions
Four different versions of the RCX5 have been assembled, in two different colors called Smart Black and Striking Red, with two models just released and two more in early-July. Right now, the Polar RCX5 Run, with S3 foot pod, and the Polar RCX5 Bike, with a W.I.N.D. speed sensor, are in stock at authorized Polar dealers. Then, in August, the much anticipated Polar RCX5 G5 GPS watch and the stripped down version called the Basic, which will include only a Wearlink Hybrid™ chest strap, will be released.

"People are so psyched about this watch and we've already had a high level of advance order activity", say Rusty Squire, President of the Heart Rate Watch Company, a national online fitness retailer. "We've started shipping and, in just a few short days, this has already become our best selling Polar heart rate monitor for 2011", states Squire.

New Features To Validate Your Training
The Polar RCX5 uses a Zone Optimizer feature to adjust the training load based upon the current physiological state of the subject. The Zone Optimizer feature, along with training load, form a unique system that no other watches on the market today even possess. When considering this watches unique ability to transmit and record heart rate swimming it really becomes a unique, one-of-a-kind, system for triathlon training.

"If we can find any fault with this system it is primarily the fact that Polar still has not integrated GPS into its watches like Garmin", says Squire. He continues, "Kudos though for making the new G5 sensor about the size of a cell phone battery because it is minimalist enough now to not impede its use, like the old G3 version."

The new Wearlink Hybrid™ strap technology is the very first of its kind and the new G5 GPS sensor and the new S3+ Stride Sensor have been completely revamped. The G5 is smaller and the new S3+ stride sensor offers a new firm shoe attachment that boasts improved accuracy on both pace and distance.

Improvements To Training Software
Polar is making a significant investment into upgrading their to improve its capacity for multi-sport athletes and their training programs. This new software system will have a map view, very similar to Garmin Connect software, that will allow users to look at their data from any given point along their route. The Polar RCX5 is also fully Mac compatible which should make Mac users a happy crowd.

With the new software it is also possible to create unique training programs, such as intervals, for both running and cycling and upload these programs directly from the software to the RCX5. Plus, the Training Load feature is displayed graphically allowing you to see a color-coded mountain chart showing the full training effects of your program.

The Polar RCX5 represents the biggest Polar watch introduction in several years and the number of product feature advancements to address previously known issues is quite encouraging. Specifically, the Polar RCX5 G5 launch in August should be incredibly popular based upon initial market feedback from the triathlon community.

Heart rate while swimming is a Polar exclusive but all outdoor athletes can benefit from the RCX5 technology.