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Speedplay Aero

When the pedal is engaged, the result is a smooth, more aero surface.

Speedplay killed two proverbial birds with one stone with its new-for-2015 walkable aero pedal system. Company front man Richard Bryne says the project was initially two projects, "but at a certain point it merged into one because they worked so well together."

Thus the Speedplay Zero Aero System was born. The crux is a single-sided pedal (a departure for the California-based company) that mates with a cleat that is both walkable and aero. The new cleat has a dimpled cover over what heretofore was a mix of exposed internals. This cover both protects and interfaces with the new dimpled pedal, creating a smooth surface for the wind to travel over during time trial or triathlon efforts.

"These pedals are really for race day only," added Bryne. "We did a lot of wind tunnel testing and found there is a lot of meat on the bone there in terms of time savings."

On non-race days, your standard Speedplay pedal will still fit into the new cleat. And each pedal also comes with what Speedplay is dubbing a Cleat Buddy, essentially a baseplate cover that screws into the cleat opening when you're off the bike, giving further protection to your cleats. The cleat buddies, which snap together for easy jersey pocket storage when not in use, will also work with current Speedplay Zero and Light Action pedals.

No word on exact pricing yet, but look for these new pedals and cleats to be available sometime after the New Year.

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