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buying on internet

I recently went back to riding and had the same questions.. See my thread and replies from a few weeks ago. The decision I made ( after some epxert advice on this forum) and have been happy with ever since was to go to my LBS (local bike shop) and let the expert shop owner guide me.. I spent $800 for a Bianchi .. then bought a new helmet , etc.. Totla spent about $1100 Fit is prefect, ride is perfect and I have over $150 miles on it in a week and a half..

I thought about Bikes Direct and spoke with someone on craigslist New jersy..

but my local bike shop ( LBS) said .. free adjustment and service for a year disounts on accessories.. , etc , etc. etc. .

there is no service on the internet.. any problem .. you are stuck.

a problem with your bike from LBS.. and you are down to shop to discuss and get fixed.

I say try your local shop
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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