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513xj said:
:p Hi,
I'm a new rider and I would like to get a good quality road bike for under $500. I have been thinking about the tommaso capri -which is on sale for $400, but it seems like not many people have tommaso bikes. Does anyone suggest a good or used bike of good quality? Bianchi, Specialized, Trek, Marin? Which to choose? I will be using this bike for road rides 10-20 miles long, maybe even more.

any suggestions?

Plese help. Thanx

I wouldn't buy anything online until you know your way around a bike, and how to do the wrenching and such. Also, correct FIT is paramount, and you should have a professional fitting. Wrench Science has a formula on their website to figure out your size if you don't have a good LBS to do it. I know the Specialized Allez Triple comes with Sora level components which are good for a beginner and okay overall, and I think you can pick one up for about 599. Which might be out of budget, I don't know. Don't forget to allocate money for shorts, shoes, etc. Good Luck.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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