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s4tom3 said:
I thought I would share some photos with my Orbea buddies of my new wheelset. I will give you a report back after a couple of rides.
I have the older Elan Aero (look virtually the same) on my Orca. They are great wheels, and look great on the Orca. I've raced and trained a full season on them and haven't even touched them once...and they have definitely taken some hits. Keep in mind I'm a sub-140 lb rider so I'm not terrible on wheels.

My only knock on them is that they are not as aero as other offerings out there which would really help on some races I've done. Over the winter I'm thinking about getting an Edge 45 w/alchemy hubs or powertap to get both aero and light (not so much with powertap), and using the Rolfs for hill climb races and general training. They are definitely an upgrade over what you have on there now.

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