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New saddle....ow!

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Wondering if what Im encountering is normal at all. I have a Madone with the stock Bonti Lux saddle. It was comofrtable, but felt like there was way too much padding and wanted to try something a bit more minamalist...low profile, if you will. So I picked up a SI SLR Gel Flow.


This saddle is hard and a rock and the tips of my seat bones let me know pretty much right away. this a normal thing with new saddles or is this one just not for me. Is there a "break in" period for both the saddle and my bum or does one usually know pretty quick if the saddle they bought is the right one or not?
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If it hurts, you're doing it wrong. :)
No break in on modern saddles.

There is one for your bum.

I have the non-gel flow SLR and it suits mine fine.

If you're pretty new and won't ride like a crazy person, but still want a racy-looking saddle, consider Fizik's "CP" saddles -- they specifically design them to be "comfort / performance" for those who ride under a certain amount; I think it's 5,000km / yr.

If you plan to become hardcore, ride the Bonti for another 10,000 km until you get sit bones of steel, or whatever, and put the SLR back on.
or buy slightly used....pre break in (although its a non-issue). some saddles people claim do break in (selle slr for example) especially regarding the carbon shell.

I have a stock bonti race lux. I just paid for a selle slr xp, should be here next week. It's had about 10 months of use. the slr shape fits my rear end (tried it out at the local shop) and i found this one for a great price. maybe give yours a few more rides. also, when first trying it out, maybe do a few shorter rides, say 3X 5 miles (in a row) and then take a day off and go out and do 25. This would let your body ease into it. I did this when I first got my bike cause I was having some back issues, and this allowed my back to stretch out (and rear to toughen up) and solved alot of problems that may otherwise have taken longer to sort out.
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